Property/Liability Program

The SIG Property/Liability Program provides:

Comprehensive General Liability coverage per Ed Code and Government Code up to $55 million per occurrence.

Wrongful Acts coverage for board members, administrators, volunteers and employees.

Auto Liability coverage for District-owned, non-owned & hired automobiles

Auto physical damage coverage for owned vehicles

Property coverage to replacement value for buildings & contents

Boiler and Machinery comprehensive coverage for damages up to $50 million per accident.

Self-insures property losses up to $100,000.

Self-insures liability losses up to $600,000.

Purchases insurance through Travelers for losses greater than $100,000 up to replacement value for property claims.

Purchases insurance through Genesis for liability losses greater than $600,000 up to $5 million.

SIG is a member of Schools Excess Liability Fund JPA (SELF) for liability losses from $5 million to $55 million.

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