Medical Provider Network

SIG’s commitment to our member districts is to insure that every employee with a work-related injury obtains medical care quickly, gets appropriate treatment, and safely returns to work as soon as medically possible.


To provide this quality service, SIG developed a custom Medical Provider Network (MPN) which is administered by Allied Managed Care and that has been approved by the State of California. Our network includes Occupational Health Clinics for initial treatment of work-related injuries, and a large panel of specialists who are available to SIG members. To see the current list of SIG Designated Occupational Health Clinics,click here


All employees seeking medical treatment for work injuries are required to go to one of our MPN clinics, unless they have pre-designated their personal physician prior to the event of their injury. An employee may also choose a physician from this list if he or she wants to change physicians, or to obtain a second or third opinion. Details on Pre-designation and on how the MPN works are listed below.


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